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My life story has taken so many unexpected twists & turns along the way. I find myself having experienced and accomplished so many things, and yet still searching and learning where my true purpose lies. Certain things remain constant in my story, for sure. I navigate this life with two amazing children. They are bright, creative, interesting human beings. We exchange inspiration, encouragement and support for our life passions.

Cooking is another consistent thread in my story. I have gone through several metamorphoses in the kitchen. I always did try to cook wholesome meals from scratch. This included lots of vegetables & whole wheat bread and pasta. I even switched to organic milk and cheese & pasture-raised beef and pork.

My story changed dramatically in 2010 when life made me acutely aware of the consequences of my health choices. I was determined to do everything possible to stay healthy for my children. This time when I watched Forks Over Knives, I was a convert. Even though I told myself that I would phase the vegan-thing in slowly, I just couldn't pull it off. I was done. No more animal products for me. Or those for whom I cooked. I was officially vegan.

Many of my health statistics shifted dramatically just from switching to a plant-based diet. Even so, my weight fluctuated in and out of the overweight zone. I wanted the dietary transformation to be sufficient to achieve the fit body I dreamed of having, but it just wasn’t working.

Then I was bitten by the fitness bug! When I started to see results I was a goner. I am working hard to build strength and develop muscle definition. My motivation and goal in this pursuit is to spread the word that you can be strong and build muscle on a plant-based diet. Watch for me on stage next year! I’ll be the one in the fig leaf bikini!

Beach Tree Pose
Photo of Nicholee doing deadlifts
Transformation Photoshoot
Suryalila Handstand

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